Grant $, Loss, and Giving Back

I hope that you know that Infants Remembered In Silence, Inc. (IRIS) has been working very hard to get a $50K Pepsi Refresh Grant! Everything is in place and voting started yesterday. So happy that we checked the website at 11:15 am as Pepsi didn’t send us an e-mail telling us we were in the running until 4:45 pm. Getting the word out about voting for this grant is a challenge to say the least. Today list included posters being printed, posters being e-mail out to volunteers who have offered to hang them, marking the windows on our cars so people remember to vote (no small task when it’s so hot out!) …. And by the way if you don’t know, you can log onto and vote for us…. Don’t forget to use your Pepsi power votes, they are found on Pepsi boxes and under the caps… You can also Text your vote … and yes it’s legal to do both! Text: 108084 To: 73774 every day in August please! If you would like to help share the news feel free to let me know!

I have had some questions about what we plan to do with the money… well, we are planning a Training Conference to show others how to create the keepsakes, run support groups, offer support… like we do for IRIS. We would also like to provide them with the supplies to get started. By training 150 people in one year 30,000 lives would be touched. You can learn more about it on the refresheverything site. A Brochure will also be posted on the IRIS website very soon.

We get phone calls all of the time from people needing an IRIS Advocate right now or who want to know why we where not there to help them. It’s very hard to explain why we are not there and to hear the tears over the phone. In those cases the best we can do is to give them suggestions and ideas on how to create some keepsakes.

So now you know, consider helping us out! Volunteering makes you feel good!


About irisremembers

Bereaved Mother, Founder and Executive Director of Infants Remembered In Silence, Inc. (IRIS) IRIS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with people following the death of a child at any gestational age, or death from stillbirth, neo-natal death, birth defects, SIDS, SUDC, illness, accidents, and all other forms of infant or early childhood death. IRIS can be found online at ,on Facebook , and we can be followed on twitter and this blog.
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