IRIS in May

This past week has been full of great things for IRIS. We have had 4 balloons found from one little boy’s memorial balloon release. Three from a release in 2010 and one from a release in 2009. The funny thing is that there will be another balloon release for this little boy next weekend. We were also able to find the parents for a memorial tag that was returned to us from the IRIS Balloon Release in Oct of 2010. We had the child’s name but no parent’s name. Thanks to a family friend, the tag has been returned to the parents.

Minnesotain May BBQ contest that will be held in FaribaultMay 20th and 21st at the Rice County Fairgrounds. Proceeds from the wonderful event will be donated to IRIS. This event is run by the MN BBQ Society and the Kansas City BBQ Society. We have been looking for volunteers to help with this event and have plenty of help with the BBQ side of the event but could use some help staffing the IRIS info both. Let us know if you have a few hours to share.  You should know this event is open to the public and has no cover charge. Visit for more info.

We have also been working on an application for a Pepsi Refresh Grant. You may remember that we where in the running for a Pepsi grant last year. We did very well in the standings considering we where up against hug organizations with millions of dollars in backing. At one point we where ranked 35 out of over 300 applications! In February Pepsi asked us to run for a grant in 2011.  This year we are taking a little different approach with opportunity. Soon on the IRIS website you will find an abundance of information regarding the grant and how the funds will be used for training of IRIS Advocate across the country. The cost of the 3 day training will be based on weather or not the grant is won. Visit for more info and updates!


About irisremembers

Bereaved Mother, Founder and Executive Director of Infants Remembered In Silence, Inc. (IRIS) IRIS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with people following the death of a child at any gestational age, or death from stillbirth, neo-natal death, birth defects, SIDS, SUDC, illness, accidents, and all other forms of infant or early childhood death. IRIS can be found online at ,on Facebook , and we can be followed on twitter and this blog.
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