Upcoming IRIS Events!

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming IRIS Events:

•   Support Group Meeting – Sept. 28th, at 7 pm at the IRIS office ~ 101 NW 3rd St. Faribault, MN – This is open to all bereaved parents regardless of where they live.

•   Pepsi Grant Voting: visit the IRIS website www.irisRemembers.com Voting ends 9/30/10 Please vote… we really need your help to win the $250,000 to train others across the USA

•   October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month

•   Balloon Release and Potluck: Oct. 3rd  at Kinder Park (corner of 17th St. and 14th Ave. in NW Faribault, MN) – This is open to all bereaved parents, family and friends regardless of where they live.

Potluck at 12 noon:  IRIS will provide drinking water, plates, silverware, and napkins. Bring your favorite items to share.

Balloon Release at 2 pm: Bring your own balloons. (No Mylar please) You are welcome to place tags on your balloons at home or use the ones that IRIS will have at the park.

•   October 15: Remembrance Day. Light a candle at 7 pm, at home, to honor and remember your child.

•   Common Burial: will be held in Oct. date TBA.

•   November 25th : IRIS 2nd Annual 5K TURKEY  TROT!  This is Thanksgiving morning… come join us for a 5K chipped timed run or 5K walk. You will be home in time for lunch!  Registration  can be found at www.irisRemembers.com or give us a call at (507) 334-4748

•   Holiday Service of Remembrance: Sunday Dec.5 at 2 pm at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd Shattuck Campus ~ 1000 Shumway Ave. in NE Faribault. More info can be found at www.irisRemembers.com more info added weekly!
– This is open to all bereaved parents regardless of where they live.

•   December 12 ~ Compassionate Friends World Wide Children’s Memorial Day ~ light a candle in your time zone at 7pm to honor and remember.

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Thank Rachel for hanging more posters yesterday and today! And remember…

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  ~Aesop

Lots of IRIS events coming up in next few weeks:

Saturday September 18th is IRIS Scrapbooking at Our Saviors Church – 1207 Prairie Ave. SW in Faribault, MN

Tuesday September 28th is Support Group Meeting at the IRIS office – 101 NW 3rd St. Faribault, MN

Sunday October 3rd is the Annual IRIS Potluck and Balloon Release at Kinder Park – corner of 17th St. and 24th Ave. in NW Faribault, MN

We hope that you can join us for some or all of these events! It really does help being around others who understand the feelings and emotions of having a child die.

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with the death of a child we loose our future

It has been said that with the death of a parent we loose our past, with the death of a sibling we loose out present, but with the death of our child …. We loose our future.  IRIS is here helping thousands every year by taking their hand and walking with them as they develop a new future. Please VOTE ! http://www.refresheverything.com/IRIS THANK  YOU!  Sign up for daily vote reminders at www.irisRemembers.com

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Looking for Ideas

Hi everyone, we are looking for idea’s on ways to get more votes for the IRIS $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant. Winning this grant could really help a lot of people. The problem is getting the word out. Do you have a way to send co-workers a message about voting for IRIS? Do you have an idea about a way to get more PR?  We are open to suggestions but do not have funds to pay for ad’s.  Let us know here or by e-mailing iris@qwestoffice.net

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IRIS 23 days to go!

Just about ALL of us know some who has had a child’s die. Maybe it was your child who died, or the child of a friend. Maybe the child died today or maybe it was 60 years ago, but I bet you remember how you felt, I know you will never forget!

With your help we can all work together to help grieving parents, family, and friends to remember and honor a child!  Can you imagine their peace and pleasure that would bring?  How will that will that make you feel?  

You Can Help!  It’s Simple…. You have 23 Days left to Vote for IRIS (Infants Remembered In Silence, Inc.)

VOTE  DAILY for IRIS to win a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant

Vote DAILY through September 30th, 2010

Log on to:  www.refresheverything.com/IRIS

or vote by Text:102517 to Pepsi (73774)

or vote on Facebook!!!

Visit the IRIS website for more information and to sign up for daily e-mail vote reminders! www.irisRemembers.com

Please share this info with your family and friend across the United States! Every vote counts!

Funding will allow IRIS to train 150 New IRIS Advocates from across the United States! We estimate that in one year these 150 trained IRIS Advocates will touch the lives of 30,000 people! Please Help IRIS and grieving parents across the United States!

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Voting for IRIS – How do I do it?

Did you vote today?  Please take a few moments and for IRIS to receive a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant.

Voting can be done at:


Click on “Browse Ideas & Vote”

Search for IRIS

Click “Vote for this idea”

Sign in

Click on vote for this project

You will hear someone pop the top on a can of Pepsi and get a note like: Thank you for your vote,  Thanks, Way to Go, etc.

Make sure you get a thank you message…. If you don’t, click on “vote for this idea” again!


Vote on Facebook:

Follow the steps above at www.refresheverything.com

After you vote, at the bottom right you can

Click on share facebook

It will post a link on your facebook page so you can vote from there…. You and also send out info on twitter.


You can TEXT 102517 to Pepsi at 73774

You will get a text back saying that you have voted

Thank you for Voting everyday for IRIS!

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Please Check the # you are texting… you can vote at this number right now!!!!  Please keep trying as Pepsi has had a problem with the site today….. Please make sure you the right number!!!!!!

Text* 102517 to
Pepsi (73774)
*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Or visit www.refresheverything.com/iris  if you would like daily reminders visit www.irisRemembers.com and sign up for them!

Or you can vote from Facebook! just visit the pepsi site and set it up!

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