Balloon Release, Potluck, and 2nd time with Pepsi

NOTICE  ~  IRIS Balloon Release this Sunday – we have been notified by the city of Faribault that due to flooding this last week in Faribault , we will not be able to have picnic tables at the park. If you have tables and lawn chairs please bring them!

  • Potluck will still be held at 12 noon
  • Balloon Release will be held at 2 pm
  • At Kinder Park (located at the corner of 17th St. and 24th Ave. in NW Faribault, MN)

 Also please note:  The IRIS Pepsi idea Train volunteers across the US to help people after a death of a child was not voted to receive a $250,000 grant BUT I received an e-mail today saying that since we came so close, Pepsi automatically entered it into the next October voting period. To be fair to everyone, the vote counter has been set to zero. Please KEEP  VOTING and Please make sure that YOUR  VOTE  COUNTS!!!


1.         Log in to

2.         Click: vote for this idea

3.         You will hear pouring pop/soda sound

4.         Click: VOTE  FOR  THIS  IDEA! (yes you are clicking on it 2 times)

5.         In the Lower Left, Blue Bar, under GOALS you will see your vote count. The Number 10 will change to 9 votes left today. (You can only vote for IRIS once a day online)

6.         You will also receive a message in the area where you voted that says “Good Job”, “Right On”, etc.


1.         Text 102517 to Pepsi at 73774

2.         You will receive a message back that say “Thanks 4 your vote”

3.         Your normal texting fee’s apply!


1.         Log on to and sign up for FB voting and to have it listed on your page.

Let’s give it another try !  We all know how important this program is in the lives of thousands of people.

Please share this info with everyone you know!!! If you have an idea on how to get others involved, or have a way to spread through e-mail, schools etc. please do it!

And REMEMBER…. everyone is welcome to sign up for daily reminder e-mails at

THANK  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About irisremembers

Bereaved Mother, Founder and Executive Director of Infants Remembered In Silence, Inc. (IRIS) IRIS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with people following the death of a child at any gestational age, or death from stillbirth, neo-natal death, birth defects, SIDS, SUDC, illness, accidents, and all other forms of infant or early childhood death. IRIS can be found online at ,on Facebook , and we can be followed on twitter and this blog.
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